You might have many questions about us and here you can find some of the answers.

For everything else, send us an e-mail at and we wll be happy to reply as soon as possible. 

Remeber: there are no stupid questions, so ask away!

  • What happens at  Story Nights ?
  • At Story Nights we can get together for a magical evening of true personal stories which are told live by people from all walks of life!  Anyone who wants to share a story can do so for 5 - 7min and tell true tales about life, experiences, passion, goals, taboos, cultures, romance, adversity - you name it. We believe  every true story is an opportunity to learn something about others, ourselves and has the potential to make a difference to our understanding of the world  around us. 
  • What is our goal?
  • Our goal is to meet in a prejudice and judgment-free environment to share true stories that make us think, laugh, cry, hope, wonder, learn and care. Nobody is forced to tell a story, so feel free to come and just listen to others’ true stories.  We strive to create an environment where speakers and attendees can mingle, and network with one another. Bring friends if you want but above all, bring ears to listen, a mouth to tell and a heart to feel. In the end, we are aiming at creating an international community. 
  • Is there an entrance fee to pay?
  • Admission is free but your kind donation (minimum 100 Pesos) will help us pay the cost of running the event and they are higher than you can possibly think. Sponsors are welcome.

  • Who are we?
  • Story Nights is a storytelling club and live event series dedicated to inspiring, healing, transforming and entertaining people through the art of storytelling. From our humble beginning in October 2015 in Bratislava, our storytelling group has been growing steadily and we now organize storytelling events in Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Chandigarh, Manila and Cebu.  We are excited to announce that more cities around the world will host Story Nights event in the coming months making us a one of a kind cross-cultural and cross-border live storytelling event! If you want to be one of our hosts in the Philippines or South East Asia, send us an enquiry at
  • What type of stories can I tell or listen to ?
  • We want people to share real life stories about their lives and  experiences trying new things, taking on challenges, stepping out from their comfort zone, hilarious faux pas, travel adventures and misadventures as long as it is their own real story.  At times, we will provide a specific topic for thge event.T his is not an event for debates, political speeches and religious sermons. We also do not tolerate offensive, hateful and objectifying talks.
  • How much time will I be given to tell my story?
  • We assign 5 to 7 minutes to each story. Try and rehearse it before the event because it usually seems just about right in your head but it is always longer. Time works on a different way When you are on a stage. You feel like you have beem up there only three minutes and instead it has been ten already. Worst case scenario: we will open our bottomless pit! under your feet! 
  • Does my story have to be in English?
  • Yes, because we want to hear stories from all cultures and ethnicities. Expats are more than welcome to join to create a truly international environment.
  • Can I come and just listen to others people's stories?
  • Yes, definitely!
  • What do I need to do if I want to share my story ?
  • You can send a brief e-mail to  together with a short description of you and your story. A black and white picture of your face is  required. You can also send a 60 seconds video presenting yourself and your story  or you can also just come on that evening and tell the host that you would like to share your story. Bear in mind that last-minute requests could be denied for a number of reasons. 
  • Can I tell my stories in the form of a poem/ song?
  • Yes! As long as you don't read it from a paper. You can bring some notes on stage. 
  • I have no experience in storytelling/ public speaking at all. What if people hate my story?
    You don't need to be a master storyteller. All skill levels are welcomed.
  • My English is not really good. What if people don't understand me?
  • If you need help with your story, feel free to e-mail your doubts  to 
  • My story is not funny or interesting enough for people to listen to!
  • Our event is friendly, open, intimate and honest. This is not a stand up comedy night where you are expected to entertain the audience. Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the empowering feeling of having a platform to share your stories with an empathetic and supportive audience. But also take care of your       audience! Don´t leave them in the darkness of your story. Bring them back into the light.

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