The co-founders 

Fabio M. AromatiCi

An Italian who moved to Manila from Vienna, Austria. Storyteller by heart, not by training, after many years in management , he brought from Europe the format of Story Nights.  Founder of Secret Vienna and creator of Secret Manila, he is  also a writer: Secret Vienna Stories. Always looking for an opportunity to get on stage, was involved in the first event of Story Nights in Vienna. In  the Philippines, he  was certified as scuba diver,  got his first tattoo (Kalayaan) and he’s learning to play bass guitar and golf. Jack of all trades, master of none.


Artist extraordinaire and listed by Garage Magazine among the “ 2016 young talents of the Philippines”. A late bloomer for the arts , he is now a scholar of Theatre Arts from Meridian International College - MINT College, founder of One & A Half Men Improv , one of the youngest educators of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and many more (when we write many more we really do mean many) ! We didn’t have to force him to join this project but we will have a problem with channeling his unstoppable creativity!

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